How to draw a garden design in layers?

With our garden design tool, it is possible to not only draw the greenery in your new garden, but also make plans for lighting, paving and watering the garden, for example. A handy feature is that it is possible to draw your garden design in layers. The drawing is built up in layers, each of which you can switch on or off separately. This allows you to decide what is or is not shown in the garden design. This can be done using the ‘Layers’ button.

Video: drawing garden design in layers

Watch the video on how to build your tether design in layers.

Would you like to share the garden design with someone else? Then it is very handy that you can hide some layers so that the drawing does not become unnecessarily complicated or crowded. For example, tick off the watering plan. Although this plan is very useful and important, to get an impression of the atmosphere of the new garden, it is not necessary to show these technical details.

Tick or untick the desired group under ‘Layers’. At ‘Settings’ in the left menu, some layers are also uncheckable.

You can hide the planting by species. Even the aerial photo is a separate layer. Watch the video above with additional instructions and get the most out of this handy functionality so you too can draw and build your garden design in layers.


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